Home Entertainment The 12 year old Ukrainian girl mistakenly claimed the father of her baby is her neighbor .

The 12 year old Ukrainian girl mistakenly claimed the father of her baby is her neighbor .

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A Ukrainian schoolgirl is to be confronted on a deeply disturbing live primetime TV show this week with DNA evidence on whether she was made pregnant aged 11 by her stepfather or one of two brothers.
The child, Tanya Luchishin, has already faced a painful studio ordeal after she mistakenly claimed her five-week old daughter Diana had been fathered by an 18-year-old neighbour called Andriy, who had sex with her when he was 17.
The excruciating television programme subsequently revealed a DNA test which showed the baby was not his although he admitted to having slept with her, a crime which could see him jailed for between five and ten years.
Under interrogation in front of a TV audience, a tearful and distressed Tanya, now 12, later indicated she had been also forced to have sex around the time she conceived with someone else, a member of her own family.

Quizzed on whether he is the father, which could lead to a long jail sentence, Eremin said: ‘No, absolutely not. I would not have come here if I had anything to do with the pregnancy of my step-daughter.’
He told the audience: ‘I am ready to undertake a DNA test and to prove that I am not the father of this child.
‘I am afraid of nothing. I don’t want to live when people are pointing their figures at me, at my wife. I never had any relations with Tanya, I could not even think about it. ‘

Psychologists have expressed strong concern that the public ordeal is having on a ‘depressed’ Tanya and critics say she should be seen as a child victim of multiple rapes, one of them evidently incestuous, and not forced to become the star of a show seen as a new low in reality television.
Vlada Berezyanskaya, a psychologist who examined Tanya for the programme, said: ‘This girl… is simply afraid. She is depressed now.’
The child ‘loved her daughter’ and wanted to care for her, but was ‘scared of the speculation’ about the identity of the father.
‘Tanya is a child, she is guilty of nothing,’ she said, yet the psychologist did not seek to put a stop to the controversial show.
Tanya’s 31-year-old mother Anna Luchishin – who has six children – has been blamed for putting her vulnerable daughter through the trial by TV amid suspicion she is getting paid for exposing her family’s problems.
She is now helping Tanya raise the child, Diana, born weighing 5lbs 5oz by Caesarean on September 17, but on screen was seen encouraging her daughter to answer intimate questions when the girl plainly did not want to.
‘Please, tell them everything,’ said her mother.

Under the questioning she said he had returned for sex on two more occasions.
While police are now taking an interest in the revelations – which include prima facie evidence of crime – they have not sought to halt the show to protect the underage girl, and this week will see the third episode on the saga in which the family member who fathered the child is due to be named based on the DNA tests.
Presenter Andrey Danilevich, from Inter TV, claimed he was simply seeking to uncover the truth.
‘The girl, who got pregnant at the age of 11, is in any case is the victim of adult irresponsibility and manipulations,’ he said.
‘Now almost all the men in Borislav town who visited the Luchishin family are under suspicion, including the girl’s stepfather and brothers.
‘We all know how cruel the people’s tongues can be. It is important to find out who is the father of Tanya’s child in order to stop the speculation.’
Anna, Tanya’s mother, told viewers her daughter had initially named who she believed to be the father.
‘But our neighbour Andriy is not the father of my granddaughter Diana,’ she said. ‘I received a call from the laboratory in Lviv and they said it was not him.
‘Andriy’s father Oleg had paid for this DNA test in Lviv. I was shocked. I told Tanya about the test and asked her – so who was it then?
‘And she told me there was one more person. I asked her to tell me the truth. It happened in February when I was in hospital with my newborn daughter Viktoria. I don’t want to give the name. It is a person from our family. But it may not be him.


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