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5 reasons Your Anus itches you

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Speaking from experience, they might not be your problem. 


Visit a  doctor if you have serious problem


1: Tight panties: If your panties are too tight, I mean extremely tight and  your boxers for the male, it makes you itch a lot and cause bumps. Because no ventilation?

2:Wash  Up: After using the toilet wash up, with water most time tissue papers don’t take everything off some some of the particles from your stomach remain.

3:Avoid same underwear: I mean avoid wearing one underwear for multiple days yes it  causes you to itch 

4: Clean Up after sex: oh yes do it, some people just dress up after  having sex  without cleaning up there private parts . You need to clean up.

5:Avoid public toliets: I mean dirty ones , in case you  are not home A lot of germs are there, try as much  you can to avoid it. 


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