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Couples buried in one casket holding hands together

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A Missouri couple who had been married for 77 years were buried in a single casket, holding each other’s hands, after dying just hours apart.
Velva Breuer passed away 30 hours after her husband Raymond took his final breath on August 4.
It is believed to be the longest Velva, 96, and Raymond, 97, had been apart since they wed in 1940.
And now the beloved couple will be together for eternity, their hands clasped in the same casket at Oak Grove Cemetery in St Louis.

It was originally Raymond’s idea that the couple be buried together, although at first his son Bobby Breuer thought it was a joke.
‘Dad told one of the nurses before he passed, that if they went close together, that they should just be buried together in the same casket,’ Breuer told Columbia Daily Tribune.
‘Jokingly, I think. But other people heard it and we asked the funeral director. Mother was a very small woman, and dad wasn’t that big.’
Velva and Raymond’s love story began when they first met at a one-room primary school in rural Dawson Township.
Raymond was in the fourth grade when he first tried to get Velva’s attention, sticking her with a poker from the fireplace.
He didn’t know it was hot, and Velva had the scar for most of her life.
‘She married me to get even with me,’ Raymond jokingly told a reporter during a celebration of their 77th anniversary.

Source:daily mail


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