Home Entertainment Exclusive News: Splash Award 2017 For Foreign Student.

Exclusive News: Splash Award 2017 For Foreign Student.

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Splash Award Ukraine, is an Award that’s is given to student who depiste there personal activities like going school and a whole lot still has time to share with us there God given talents turned into passion.

This the 3rd Annual Award to give honor to Whom Honour is due

last year was a whole lot of drama mixed with fun, winners were very excited and others looked forward to winning this year.

The likes of Craze clown, Wizdomination, Korret, Oluwakashflow ,Sapashini and a  whole lot were present.

So this year we present to you 2017Annual Award


it simple to be part you just send it the names of the nominees from your city

Date:30th of December   



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