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Mc Denks word of advice for ladies, who are single.

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Sweetheart, stop pretending❌❌ to be savages when you know deep down your heart you want a man to love you and wanna be in a relationship.✔✔✔
most of you girls re turning down offers❌❌ not because you don’t wanna be in a relationship but because you’re seeking attention??. Your national anthem is “I’m single” so you could gain lots of attention.??
Most of you re single because of your character?? and how you talk ill about your fellow ladies?? in the mist of whom you want to impress, all because you want to appear as holier than thou.??
Hey girlie, at the end of the day, you end up stupid?? and looking like a piece of trash bcz you’re a lady too.??
Everyday you say I want to have a relationship, you say you wanna have a guy and yet haven’t gotten it yet.❌❌ Why?
Cz you’re limited, you keep chasing what is not chasing you, you keep castigating other people, poke nosing into other people’s relationship ??
you’re the one who will know the couples that fucks??? daily and those that re cheating each other while you’re suppose to sit and restructure your own life.??
Take this advice from me..???
No man wants to be with a woman who is always talking ill about other women or other people.❌❌ Don’t think if you try spoiling his or her name it will make you a better person. The guy will always see you as a hoe trying to be a good girl.
Be the energy you want to attract. ???♿♿♿
lemme come and be going…always be yourself.
#word# ?????

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